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Optimise product prices through elasticity models and design pricing strategy vis a vis competition.

Analyse opportunity for new launches and identify white space markets.

Track brand awareness and buzz by analysing consumer affairs data from digital channels

 Marketing Analytics

Customer behaviour prediction models, spotting sales opportunities and improvement areas

Pre and post campaign analytics to maximise return on investments

Analyse customer feedback data to prioritise intervention areas by leveraging key satisfaction drivers

 Sales Analytics

Using segmentation models, identify and incentivise the high potential agents and brokers.

Forecast sales by category, products, channels and stores for efficient resource planning

 Operations Analytics

Collation, validation and harmonisation of datasets to create consistent global databases

Performance-tracking dashboards and reports, and early warning systems for business functions

From Data to Insights to Action

We hunt for talent who are passionate about data science and storytelling. If you love data, can mine freaky insights, narrate stories and want to learn along with a like-minded team, join us.


Enterprise Analytics

We tunnel focus on listening to what your data says about your business. Helping enterprises and SMEs to understand the complex customer journey and generate actionable insights that affect the top and bottom of your sales funnel.


Analysis & Insights

ITSyntax’s intelligent self-learning algorithms segment visitors based on various attributes such as demographics, browsing journey and transactional behavior. As an outcome, find out which channel or product the customer segment react most positively.


Data Collection

Once you’ve set up basic accounts for the analytics tools for implementation like Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Mixpanel, etc, use the standard tracking snippet for tracking events and write Analytics mobile app analytics syntax code for custom tracking.


Customer Experience

See which versions of your content and UX design on your website attracts your target audience and facilitates them to take the actions you want them to take. A/B testing for user experience is one the most hyped tool for studying user experience and their behavior but unfortunately is also under utilized.

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