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 Software Project Outsourcing

This is best suited for companies or partners looking at developing and implementing one or more projects looking at a fixed cost model with the requirements defined. Projects of size small to large can be handled and based on the project size and complexity resources shall be engaged both Onsite and Offsite as required. ITSyntax Inc. will take complete responsibility in handling the project end-to-end and can work with the partner / end-client as required.

 Joint Venture Projects

Joint Venture Relationship as a concept and phenomenon is aimed strictly at leveraging strengths of the partners involved to create a new organization that provides the cumulative strength of all the involved stake holders. These relationships empower organizations to foray into new business realms and also achieve deeper and wider penetration in existing realms of operation.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

Focus On Core Areas

Outsourcing specific tasks to third-party professionals frees up time and energies so you can channel them into building your brand, invest in research and development while ensuring that you offer your clients better value and services.

Save On Infrastructure & Technology

There would be little or no need to invest in certain infrastructure if you outsource some of your processes to a third party company. The business partner you outsource jobs to would take responsibility for the infrastructure needed to execute it.

Faster & Better Services

Offer your clients better deliverables while minimizing the time it takes to reach the marketplace. Outsourcing makes it easier to get your ideas converted into products in the shortest possible time frame.

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