Process Approach

Gather & Analyze the Business Requirements

Strategy Development

Develop the Solution

IT-Syntax Inc. develops the application truly based on the System Requirement Specification Document by using the best and feasible technical architecture / methods ensuring the effective usability of the Application while adhering to the time line. The project status is updated frequently and deliveries are made in phases and thereby the development cycle is made very transparent.

Test and Implement

The project is tested with live data in phases and the interfaces, validations and data storage / retrieval are tested and certified. Load testing and fine-tuning is performed and then the system is made ready for launch. IT-Syntax Inc.'s Support Services Group supports the implementation process by supporting the Installation process and Training the users.

Enhance the Solution

Business needs change, user requirements change and the technologies also change and so IT-Syntax Inc. takes frequent feedbacks from the users / business representatives, updates the clients with the technological improvements and suggest enhancements to the system. This ensures the competitive business advantage of the client and helps in evolving paradigm solutions.

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